Saturday, July 2, 2011

BHTB - Buddha Hogaa Teraa Baap - movie review

Summary: I am a very disappointed Amitabh Bachchan fan. If you still want to see it, just watch the trailers.

After seeing the promos and viral ads, I was really pumped and excited to see a Hindi film in theatre after a long time. My last film in theatre was 3 IDIOTS or DON (forget which came later)

- there was hardly anything of value above and beyond the promos/trailers
(all the best dialogs, dances, actions were in promos)

- Amitabh is super cool, none of today's stars come anywhere close to his style, presence, acting
(but all this can be seen in promos)

- really bad execution and that's directors fault (poor editing has made movie look slow, misses the punches)

- really bad acting and that's directors fault ( these are good actors who've been asked to overact, be cheesy soap opera-ish)

- very jarring presentation and poor content not expected in a bachchan level film